Proof Reading

Proofreading is the task of evaluating or comparing a translation with the original text, and ensuring that there are no spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, misunderstandings, omissions or ambiguities. A proofreader will also consider the style and vocabulary of the translation and may make productive suggestions to improve the syntax and clarity of the text.

All our proofreading assignments are handled by independent native translators, who are specialized in their subject areas. We can proofread any text from any media type like abstracts, books, CD ROMs, dictionaries, slide presentations, websites etc…

Proofreading services are available for translations as well as written communication such as websites, emails, memos, business proposals, grants, sales contracts, brochures, and other formal business documents.

Efficiently translated and proofread documents play a crucial role in your company's success since you stake your professional reputation on the accuracy of the translated document. With our top quality proofreading services, you can be assured that the target document is error-free and is thoroughly checked for uniformity. With quality being central to the way we work, our proofreaders ensure the perfection, excellence and consistency of the final document. Our proofreading services ensure that your business communication has the maximum impact and represents you in the best possible manner.

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