Medical Translation Services

We have worked on varied types of medical translation projects since our inception which has helped us gain vast expertise in this field. Our timely deliveries and strong commitment to confidentiality has made us the most trusted medical translation agency for reputed industry leaders.

The major aspect of our success in medical translations has been our strict policy of using qualified translators who are true professionals from the industry with experience in the subject. Our translators keep themselves updated with the present medical terminologies that help in rendering accurate services. We deal with the following areas of medical translation including but not limited to:-

  • User guides/Manuals for medical staff and patients
  • Product licensing & patents
  • Packaging Labels
  • Medical prescriptions
  • Clinical trial and research
  • Product/Device User Guides
  • Editorial and Press Release
  • Registration documents
  • User Information
  • Patient information papers
  • Medical Questionnaires, etc…

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