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The term marketing itself shows something that's beyond words and expressions. It is always necessary that the tone of a marketing translation reads such that it relates to the target customers. Only then the sense, finesse, value and success of your translated message will be as good as that of the original.

It is noticed that a factual translation, though correct, will lack in flair and punch of the original message and can sometimes even change the meaning of your message to such an extent that it sounds funny or absolutely offensive. This does not necessarily happen with smaller companies but also with reputed ones.

Let's see some of the translation blunders in well known companies:-

  • "Coca-Cola" in China was first translated as "Ke-kou-ke-la" meaning "bite the wax tadpole" or "female horse stuffed with wax" depending on the dialect. Coke later found the right Chinese characters that are phonetically close to the brand, "ko-kou-ko-le" which can be translated as, "happiness in the mouth".

  • Parker (Pens) translated the slogan for its ink, "Avoid Embarrassment - Use Quink" into Spanish as "Evite Embarazos - Use Quink"... which also means "Avoid Pregnancy - Use Quink".

  • Coors slogan, "Turn it Loose," translated into Spanish as "Suffer from Diarrhea".

To assure that you don't get in this list of bad translations, we only ever use qualified in-country translators who have sound experience in creative writing and are thorough with the cultural intricacies of the target market.

We prevent our client's company from falling under the list of bad translation by employing qualified and reliable translators having extensive knowledge in their subject areas.

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