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Bottomline was founded by Mr Ravi Prakash (CEO) and Mr Prem Prakash (Managing Director) in the year 1997. We are in the business with tremendous experience and have always been at the forefront of quality language translation & tax consultation services. We are indistinguishable with proficiency, consistency and customer contentment. Our service standards have been acknowledged and appreciated by our clients and we have delivered consistently to satisfy them.

With the team in place we are in process of acquiring an ISO 9001 accreditation which will help us move the company and its service standards to a new and prominent level.

All the hard work from the team has been recognized time and time again by positive and encouraging feed backs from our valuable clients.
Today we provide language solutions to customers all over India, in all most all regional languages - and all of it...with a smile! The same in no doubt with the Tax consultation services too.

The work doesn't stop there. We have even more plans in the pipeline for expansion. We are second in place of language solutions provider and look forward to be in the first place very soon. This will ensure that Bottomline services stay well placed to provide accurate & high-quality language translation & tax consultation solutions, regardless of the location, time zone, language or complexity.

Each of our functional practice addresses a unique set of challenges what makes us different is our ability to address diverse customer needs and deliver an integrated, one-stop solution.

At Bottomline, we work alongside top companies. The rich experience of our language specialists helps to create an exceptional talent pool, and we are proud that our firm enjoys a reputation as a place for talented people to grow.

Bottomline is driven by strong values. We aim to be recognized by our client base as the most trusted and respected name for our apt services. Our mission and values reflect this ambition and are the bedrocks of our firm.

Services are delivered at the mutually agreed time with the client without any delay. As per our recent survey we are delivering our services with 100% Punctuality and 98% Accuracy.  We believe in providing our services at any part of the day, hence our clients enjoy our services 24 × 7, along with timely delivery.

To continue being the pioneers in the industry by providing apt quality services at satisfying cost to our clients.

To be committed to play a modest yet significant role in imparting incomparable services.

To be the most trusted and respected name for language translation and tax consultation services.

Our Principles
  • There is no mystery about how we at Bottomline serve our clients but its only that we apply a handful of core principles to every client engagement.
  • By teaming up with our clients, we build support, ensure momentum and develop relationships that make a positive difference.
  • We assemble the team that is best suited for each engagement to ensure quality and unsurpassed service that, as a whole, delivers the best values to our customers.
  • We respect the confidentiality of our clients and the work we do on their behalf. We believe this policy is in the best interest of our clients and that it safeguards our independence and objectivity.
  • We believe in providing a service as a profession, not a business.

Why Us
  • No matter what your industry, no matter where your operations are located, we can help you with our blend of skills and experience with 100% punctuality and 98% accuracy.
  • We view ourselves as contributors who partner with you to enhance the value of your business.
  • We listen to know you, your company, and give you the opportunity to get to know us.
  • We understand your needs and what you are trying to achieve.
  • We explore and identify the most effective way to achieve your objectives, and evaluate how best to manage all the implications of the proposed project.
  • We establish a clear set of desired outcomes and track our progress against those outcomes. Our integrated teams allow us to best meet the needs of the moment and help you succeed.
  • We maintain our competitive edge by making optimal use of quality resources and pursuing maximum efficiency in our work.

About our Translators
  • Working with highly qualified translators, we are in the perfect position to fulfill all of your translation requirements. Any of your translation need, from medical to financial can be covered by us. We deal with an experienced and qualified set-up of translators.
  • Our team of translators is professional in their areas of career which helps us understand the client requirement and provide up to date advice. The translators that we allocate are native speakers in the target language and experienced in the subject matter of the project. This guarantees correct usage of grammar, sentence structure, idioms and cultural appropriateness, as well as correct translation of any technical term and makes sure that your document has the correct tone.
  • Our translation process guarantees that your assignment is carefully and professionally handled from start to finish. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • From medicine to finance we have the technical knowledge and skill to ensure that your document is precisely translated. Our consulting team includes: doctors, practitioner accountants, professional CA's, Teachers from schools, Professors, Journalists, etc… who with the complexity of terminologies and style of writing.
  • Our translators are familiar with the topic of the text and understand the style that is required. We understand that the slightest error can result in major difference in understanding. Hence we make sure that your work in handled by experts, and you are satisfied with us.

Little about the founders

Mr Ravi Prakash (C.E.O)
A genuine and energetic person with an experience of 12 years in journalism, having worked in Hindi dailies, majorly focusing on Rajya sabha and  Lok Sabha articles, Ministry, Crime (State & National level), and Finance (RBI, SEBI & Insurance companies). He has raised a unique interest and skill for Language services. His responsibilities include check on smooth transition of processes including client interaction and feedback, process control, quality assurance and overall performance.

Mr Prem Prakash (Managing Director)
A decent and an undemanding person having 16 years of experience as a Tax consultant, Accountant and Investment consultant, who has handled a number of 400 sturdy clients, who believes in providing factual and precise consultancy to his clients so that they benefit with uninterrupted services.

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